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                                                  Hydra-Zorb Co. has been the leader in the strut mounted
                                                  clamp market for over 50 years, offering a wide variety of
                                                  solutions when shock, vibration and corrosion are a problem.

                                                  As the originator of the cushion clamp assembly, Hydra-Zorb
                                                  is the name to request in the fluid power, pneumatic,
                                                  HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing/mechanical industries.

                                                  Hydra-Zorb employs cutting-edge technology to manufacture
                                                  quality products right here in the USA. Moving manufacturing
                                                  overseas may be easier. It may be cheaper. But that doesn't
                                                  mean everyone is doing it. Hydra-Zorb built a new 52,000
                                                  square-foot manufacturing facility, to manufacture all of
                                                  our products in the USA, saving our customers time and
                                                  shipping expenses.

                                                  We offer custom fabricating services as well. You can count
                                                  on us to provide you with excellent quality, paired with timely
                                                  and courteous service. When it comes to needing specialized
                                                  custom fabricating, please contact our factory and let us
                                                  take care of your unique needs.

                                                  We look forward to working with you.
                                                  The Hydra-Zorb Team
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