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2       |   HYDRA - ZORB



                                                 -  Made in USA
                                                 -  UL Classified 2043 (25/50) for use in plenums
                                                   and air handling systems
                                                 -  Specified MSS-SP 58 Type 60 and Type 61
                                                 -   Clamps are 1008-1010 carbon steel
                                                 -  Eliminate shock and vibration
                                                 -   Studs are projection welded
                                                 -   Nylon insert locknut
                                                 -   Resist most fuels, oils, gases, greases, solvents,
                                                     mineral acids and other harsh materials
                                                 -  UV resistant
                                                 -  Allow fluid conductors to be added or removed from
                                                     installations without disturbing adjacent lines
                                                 -   Assembled or disassembled with a single hand or power
                                                   wrench for fast and simple installation
                                                 -  Permit various size lines to be mixed to suit installation
                                                 -  All metal components have a yellow Tri-Valent (non-hex) plating
                                                 -  Also available in EG Clear, 304 SS, 316 SS and Aluminum
                                                 -   Cushion material is a thermoplastic elastomer
                                                 -  Temperature rating: -65°F to +275°F


          Ordering is simple. First, determine if you require tube or pipe series.
          Second, determine the size of line to be clamped. That's it.

         Example for 3/4" O.D.              Example for 2-1/2"
         tube assembly:                     nominal pipe assembly:

             S E R IE S    D E C IM A L IN CH     S E R IE S    D E C IM A L IN CH
            100 075                           200 250

          All standard clamp assemblies consist of a 6-digit part number. A complete listing of part numbers for the
          pipe and tube series is on pages 5 - 6. The clamp assemblies are shown by series 100 and 200 as:

          100 = TUBE (O.D. Tube)
          200 = PIPE (Nominal Pipe)
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