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KL O- SHURE    |  9

                 7-SERIES STRUT MOUNT
                For elastomeric insulation. Supports
                and secures tubing in strut mounted

                                                        Patented Klo-Shure ® Insulation Couplings allow
                                                        sections of closed-cell, elastomeric or fiberglass
                                                        insulation to be secured, eliminating most
                                                        secondary operations at suspension points.
                 8-SERIES STRUT MOUNT                   It can also be used to simply join and secure

                Install in seconds. No metal clamps.
                                                        two lengths of insulation.

                                                                         Don't do

                 9-SERIES STRUT MOUNT
                For fiberglass insulation, available in                                    Do this...
                copper tube, iron pipe and mm sizing.
                                                                                           with Klo-Shure

                 CLEVIS SYSTEM
                Coupling locks into clevis hanger.
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